The Main Four

Nairi Kyna Rivest

Pronouns: She/Her                   Age: 22
Height: 5’3″ (160cm)                Class: Areth – Ability: Stealth

Notes: A girl from a world that ignored her and she ignored it. Which, really shows in her social ability.
             She’s gonna have to pay attention now.

Reine Kolton

Pronouns: She/her                  Age: 24
Height:  5’7″ (171cm)              Class: Solus – Ability: Extreme strength

Notes: Reine Kolton is Nairi’s long time pen-pal from the main city of Nexus. She freelances as a construction worker in order to help her sister support their family Hostel for Areths and Solus who come to the city searching for their other half. She radiates as much sunshine as she does physical strength.

Samson Faheem Amin

Pronouns:  He/Him                 Age: 26
Height: 6’0″ (183cm)             Class: Areth – Ability: Fast healing

Notes: Samson Amin is Reine’s Areth, originally from Eppestad. He works part time at the local flower shop helping keep the plant life healthy. He also helps at the Kolton Hostel with cooking and organizing the rooms for the guests. His patience and diligence balances nicely with his Solus’s impulsivity and overzealousness.


Pronouns:  He/Him                 Age: 24
Height:    5’11” (180cm)           Class: Solus – Ability: Fire

Notes: The long sought out Solus of Nairi. Kova is a man that has come out of nowhere it seems. No record of him found in the city. The only thing that’s known about him is his impulsive anger against certain figureheads of power…

The Bads


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Height:               Class:



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